You want to embed multiple Yammer feeds on the same page but you are either getting an error or the same feed displays multiple times.

First, please make sure that the following guidelines are followed for all Yammer feed embeds:

  • Yammer only works on desktop browsers. Mobile browsers are not supported. Make sure you're accessing the page from a desktop computer or laptop.
  • The parent container of the Yammer embed element is at least 400 pixels wide and visible.


Yammer does not officially support embedding multiple feeds in one page, whether they are My Feed, Group Feed, Topic Feed, User Feed or OG object feed, so choosing to add more than one Yammer ShortPoint element is not recommended. Users will need to log in to be able to view the feed and the feed will be restricted to the users of the network specified in the ShortPoint element options.


Please use a single ShortPoint Yammer feed element per page to avoid errors or incompatibilities.