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Modern SharePoint Page Doesn't Work in Lightbox


You have linked to a modern SharePoint page and set it to open in a Lightbox, but there is an error when you try to open the page in the Lightbox.


Modern SharePoint pages have been configured by Microsoft not to work in iFrame, and ShortPoint Lightbox uses iFrame because iFrames are the only reliable way to display a page within another page.


Be rest assured that we have fixed this issue in a release that will soon be made public.

Please follow the steps below to fix the issue:

1. Open ShortPoint's Themebuilder on your site

2. In Themebuilder, navigate to Utilities > Custom Javascript

3. Copy the Javascript code below

var originalPostMessage = window.postMessage;
window.postMessage = function(msg, origin) {
if(origin.match(/ms-appx/) != null) {
shortpoint.log('preventing ms-appx post message', msg, origin);
return originalPostMessage.apply(this, arguments);

4. Paste it in the Custom Javascript textarea, see the screenshot below

5. Click Publish

The issue should now be resolved.


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