In this article, let us quickly review what permissions in SharePoint you need to have to install ShortPoint.

Office 365 (SharePoint Online)

Tenant level installation

Please check if you have admin access to your tenant. To do it, please open the following URL in your browser:

*In the URL above, tenantname should be substituted for the actual name of your Office 365 tenant.


If this opens a SharePoint admin center page, it means you have the needed permissions and can proceed to installation.

If the access to the page is denied, this means you do not have administrative permissions and you need to contact the tenant administrator.

Site Collection level installation

If you want to install ShortPoint for one site collection only, please make sure you are the site collection administrator.
To check if you are the Site Collection administrator, please go to the Site Settings > Site collection administrators.

SharePoint On-Premise 2013/2016/2019

Here, in order to install ShortPoint Farm Solution, you will need:

1) Remote access to the server. Please check if you can connect to the server remotely.

2) Access to SharePoint Central Administration. 

After connecting to the server remotely, search for SharePoint Central Administration:

This is what you will need to see after Central Administration opens:

If you have access to the above,  you can start with installation - either 2013/2016 or 2019.