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Installation Step 3: Run ShortPoint SPFx Installation from Dashboard (SharePoint 2019)

You are now on the last step of the ShortPoint SPFx Installation process!  All that is left to do is to run ShortPoint SPFx Installation from the ShortPoint Dashboard. This step is required to create SharePoint lists and to add ShortPoint Javascript and CSS files to the site and other utilities.


Before You Begin

Required Permissions

  • You need to be the Site Owner if you want to install ShortPoint on one site only.
  • You need to be the Site Collection Administrator if you want to install ShortPoint on the entire site collection.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Go to Site contents

To go to the Site Contents page, click the cogwheel in the top-right corner of the page. 

Then, from the drop-down, select Site Contents.

Site Contents button

Step 2: Click ShortPoint SPFx - Install Now!

On the Site Contents page, you will see these two files:

  • ShortPointSPFx
  • ShortPoint SPFx - Install Now!

Click ShortPoint SPFx - Install Now! to go to the ShortPoint Dashboard. 

Below is what it will look like in the Classic Experience:

Classic ShortPoint SPFx - Install Now!

And in the Modern Experience:

Modern ShortPoint SPFx - Install Now!

NOTE: ShortPoint SPFx and ShortPoint SPFx - Install Now! can take between 30 seconds to 10 minutes to appear. Reload the page or wait for a couple of minutes if you see dimmed (disabled) icons. 

Step 3: Run ShortPoint SPFx Installation

On the ShortPoint Dashboard, choose Installation.

Install button

You will see two options on the Installation page:

  1. Site Collection Scope Installation: This allows you to install ShortPoint on all sites and subsites within the site collection. If it is disabled, it will only install ShortPoint on the current site. 
  2. Install for Classic Pages: This allows you to install ShortPoint for both Classic and Modern ShortPoint pages. By default, this option is disabled because scripting capabilities must first be enabled. Make sure to enable scripting capabilities before you proceed with this option. Otherwise, you will receive an error.

Installation options

Once you've chosen your installation preference, click Install.

Install button

Once installation is complete, a green pop-up will appear indicating that the installation was completed successfully.

Installation completed successfully

Congratulations, you have now successfully installed ShortPoint SPFx!

Here is what you will see in the Site Contents after the installation is completed:

Classic Experience:

classic experience site contents

 Modern Experience:

Modern Experience Site Contents

Now, you can use the ShortPoint App to make beautiful intranet sites. Enjoy! :)

Next Steps After You Have ShortPoint Installed

After the installation process, you must now Activate your license. You can also try the exercises below to help you get started with ShortPoint:

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