With the new addition of App Catalog scope called Site Collection App catalog, tenant administrators now has option to decide whether the SharePoint App will be made available for the entire tenant or scoped to specific Site Collection. This also can help organization to govern the permissions and scope it to limited site collection Apps only (For example you have a department called Sales and you give sales department administrator rights to manage apps for sales department site collection only).

Here is a quick snap of how the site collection app catalogs will play role: 

As you can see in above diagram, Add in / App or SPFx solutions can be directly uploaded to Tenant App Catalog and will be available across entire tenant site collection, or they can be uploaded to specific site collection app catalogs, and they will be made available to specific site collection only. 

Benefits of having a Site collection app catalog

Please have a look at this FAQ for detailed explanation.

Things to care before using this feature

Please have a look at this FAQ for detailed explanation.

Configuring and Managing Site Collection App Catalogs

At present Site collection app catalog management can only be done using Microsoft PowerShell's SharePoint Online Management Shell Module (released on and after November 2017 or newer)

Here are detailed steps to configure Site collection app catalog using PowerShell and remove your Site collection from Site Collection catalog list.

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