After  ShortPoint  license is expired:

  • you will be able to keep your designs (both Page Builder elements and ThemeBuilder settings);

  • you will be able to edit information in content-holder elements, like, for example, a text in a Panel or Accordions;

  • you will not be able to update the settings of elements (reconnect them to other sources, change settings inside the elements - e.g. create new items inside an element, change colors, font sizes, add custom CSS etc. - anything that needs the Update button to be pressed in order to save new element settings);

  • you will not be able to insert new Page Builder elements;

  • you will not be able to save or publish new ThemeBuilder settings as well as export the current theme.

Let us look into the functionality of the Page Builder in greater detail to see what editing options are available for you after the ShortPoint license is expired.

1: This is the Panel title, which can be modified only after you open the settings of the Panel. To save those changes, you will need to press the Update button, which, after license expiration, will be blocked. Therefore you cannot change this property after ShortPoint License is no longer active.

2: This is the content of the Panel. The content in Content Holder elements can be changed after trial expiration. You can freely edit text, change the font, add images etc. Other Content Holder elements are Toggles, Accordions, Tabs, Well.

3: This is a connected Simple List. You will not be able to reconnect the ShortPoint element to another SharePoint List/Library, yet, you will be able to update the information in the existing list through editing/adding/deleting the items in the SharePoint List/Library, and the element will dynamically update (unless the caching in the element is enabled).