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Can non-ShortPoint Designers edit the content of pages containing ShortPoint Design Elements?

Yes, non-ShortPoint Designers can edit SharePoint OOTB web parts content, the content within the ShortPoint content-holder Design Elements (such as Panel, Accordions etc.), and the text inside the Text Design Element.

However, they will not be able to edit ShortPoint Design Elements. The Insert/Update button in the settings window of the Design Elements is disabled for non-ShortPoint Designers.

Let us take a look at the example below to help you better understand what non-ShortPoint Designers have access to:

For Live Mode:

Live Mode

For Legacy Page Builder:

Sample page

  1. SharePoint OOTB web parts, like this Link, can be updated by non-ShortPoint Designers.  They can edit, update, add, or delete them.
  2. ShortPoint Design Elements, like this Panel, can only be modified after opening the Settings window and clicking Update. Since the Update button is only accessible to ShortPoint Designers, non-ShortPoint Designers will not be able to save any changes they’ve made.
  3. The content inside content-holder Design Elements can be changed by non-ShortPoint Designers. You can freely edit text, change the font, add images, etc. Other content-holder Design Elements are Accordions, Alert, Animate, Background, Column, Frame, Info, List, Tabs, Templates, TOC Content, Toggles, Well.
  4. Non-ShortPoint Designers will not be able to reconnect connected Design Elements, like this Simple List, to other SharePoint lists/libraries because the Update button will be disabled for them. However, they can still edit the content of the connected SharePoint list/library.

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