Tired of counting elements in lists? Leave it to ShortPoint Counter Boxes!

With ShortPoint, you can present the number of items stored in a SharePoint list in the Counter Box element. 

Connect the Counter Box to any SharePoint list or library, apply some easy REST API magic, and you will have the number of items presented in a stylish and comprehensive way right where you want it. And of course, the numbers will renew dynamically. 

Note: this article is for counting the total of items in a list. If you would like the Counter Boxes to count in specific views, please chek this solution.

Here is an example of the expected result:

Part 1. Configure the REST API settings.

  • Open the settings of an inserted Counter Boxes element;
  • Switch to Connect tab;
  • In the Select Connection Type field, choose REST API;
  • In the REST API URL, paste the following URL (items highlighted with red require editing):


*yourtenantname.sharepoint.com - replace this with the tenant URL you are using. If the list you are connecting to is stored in the subsite, please add this information after a slash, for example: https://yourtenantname.sharepoint.com/subsitename

*yourlistname -  replace this with the exact name of your list.

  • Press Connect and wait until the button becomes red:

Part 2. Map the Items and Create a Title.

  • Switch to the Items tab.
  • Press the chain icon on the right of the Counter Number field and select ItemCount.
  • Create a title for your countdown in the Counter Title field. 
  • Set up additional features, if required.

Press Update, save the page and enjoy the result:

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