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Managing SharePoint Page Layout Using ShortPoint Sections (Classic Experience)

A ShortPoint Section is a tool that allows you to build and modify the page layout effectively.

Adding a Section

There are two ways to insert a Section into a SharePoint page.

Option 1. Insert directly from the ribbon

Choose this option to insert a standard ShortPoint Section.

Option 2: Click Insert  and choose Section

Choose this option if you want to set up Section features before inserting.

After the section is inserted, you will see it on the page (in edit mode):

Adding another section

To add another section below the inserted one, you can press + Section.

To add an empty line, press Line:

Managing Section

Modifying row layouts

Every section contains a row. You can split this row by clicking on the layout icon on the top of the row and choosing the option you like. You can modify the row layout even further by using the arrows to adjust width:

Adding rows to the section

You can add more rows to the same section by pressing the + icon:

Changing the sections order

You can easily change the order of sections (the same applies to the order of rows):

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