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Power BI ShortPoint Integration FAQs

In this Article, we will cover commonly asked questions around Power BI, ShortPoint Power BI Integration and Power BI Embedded. 



Power BI Basics
What is Power BI?
Power BI is business intelligent tool where end users can create reports and dashboards by themselves from different datasources like SQL, Oracle, Access, MySQL, Twitter, Excel and many more without having to depend on information technology staff or database administrators.    
How to assign a license to Power BI?
There are two ways to obtain a Power BI License;
  1. If you have Office 365 you can assign your office 365 users Power BI License directly in Office 365 Admin center.
  2. If you don't have Office 365, you can directly sign up on Power BI website and have a subscription with Power BI Directly. 
How can we make report in Power BI?    
There are two ways to create a Power BI Report;
  1. Using Power BI Desktop
  2. Using Power BI Service
What is Power BI Workspace?
Workspaces are container for Dashboards, Reports, Workbooks, and Datasets in Power BI. There are two different type of Workspaces;

  1. My Workspace: They are the Personal workspace designed for a Power BI User. Only the user has access to their own workspaces. If you want to create reports which is shared between company users, you should better create app workspace.
  2. App Workspace: App workspaces are used to collaborate and share content with colleagues. In this place, you can create, manage and publish your content with your colleagues.
What is Power BI Dashboard?
Power BI Dashboard is something any member of Power BI Workspace can create. It is a single canvas that contains one or more Tiles.

The advantage of having Dashboard is, it can contain a visualization from any report or any page of report. Think of a workspace which have got many reports and you want to have a glance of all reports with the key KPI visualizations. You can ping the required visualizations from many reports to a single dashboard and you can also share this dashboard with other members.
Can I create dashboard in Power BI Desktop?
No, only report is something which can be developed in Power BI Desktop.
Power BI Embedded
What is Power BI Embedded?
Power BI Embedded is a capacity which needs to be purchased from Microsoft Azure which will help you to simplifies Power BI capabilities by quickly adding or embedding your stunning visuals, reports, and dashboards into your application.
How can I buy Power BI capacity?
You need to have a valid Power BI subscription on the same Azure AD where your Power BI tenancy is. For more information on buying Power BI embedded capacity, please refer to our article.
I am a partner and I want to propose ShortPoint Power BI Integration feature to my customer. Can I buy Power BI Embedded in my Azure?
Power BI embedded must be purchased from same tenancy / Azure AD where your Power BI account is. For example, if the power BI username is, the Power BI Embedded capacity must be purchased from the user of tenancy only. So answer to the question is no, you cannot buy Power BI Embedded capacity on-behalf of some other tenancy user.
What does Power BI Embedded do?
Power BI embed allows developer to generate embed token for embedding Power BI reports into any app. To generate the Embed token, we need to have a Power BI Embedded capacity service running.
How many embed tokens can I create?
If you have not purchased a Power BI embedded capacity, you can still generate Embedded tokens but they are limited and they cannot be used for production purpose. If you have purchased Power BI embedded capacity, There is no restriction on number of token. The billing of Power BI Embedded is on basis of hourly usage and not on number of tokens.
How can I monitor capacity consumption?
Monitoring through Azure is on the near-term roadmap. The Azure resource, Power BI Embedded, will include monitoring KPIs that will show health, and usage.
Do I still have to buy Power BI Premium to get access to Power BI Embedded?
No there is no need of Power BI Premium.
What’s the purchase commitment for Power BI Embedded?
Customers may change their usage on an hourly basis. There is no monthly or annual commitment for the Power BI Embedded service.
Can I get started for free?
Yes, you can use your Azure credits for Power BI Embedded.
Can I get a trial experience for Power BI Embedded in Azure?
Since Power BI Embedded is a part of Azure it is possible to use the service with the $200 credit received when signing up for Azure.
ShortPoint Power BI
How does ShortPoint Power BI Integration work?
ShortPoint gives two integration option to embed Power BI data to SharePoint pages;
  1. Logged In User Account Integration
  2. Master Power BI Pro Account Integration
To cater all target audiences, ShortPoint has come up with above two options. Logged In User Account Integration option can be used when the customer has less than 20 Power BI Pro Users wishing to view reports. While Master Power BI Pro Account Integration option is best suited for organizations having 20+ Power BI Pro users wishing to view reports.
Does ShortPoint support both My and App workspace?Yes, it allows authors to embed report from all the workspaces. Click here to see how it work.
Can ShortPoint buy Power BI Embedded capacity for customer?No, Embedded capacity should be purchased only by the Power BI owner (i.e. Customer or incase if it's handled by ISV, they can). 
Does ShortPoint support Power BI Premium On-Premise reports?No, At present we only support Power BI Online service. 

If you have any question regarding Power BI, please feel free to contact us on our support page.

Thank you for your attention.

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