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How to Customize the Loop Speed in Slideshow, Image Carousel or Ticker Elements

Slideshows, Image Carousels and Tickers comes with a pre-defined set of speeds ( slow, medium or fast ), but in case that was not enough for you, and you want to have the loop speed set to a specific period ( 10 minutes, or 1 hour for example ), here we will show you how to do it.

Step 1:

Add a Slideshow, Image Carousel or Tickers into the page with any Loop Speed ( for Slideshows or Image Carousel ), or Speed ( for Tickers )

It is important for the element to have any value of loop speed / speed, so we can adjust it later on next steps

Step 2:

Copy the element

Step 3:

Paste into a text editor

Open any text editor ( Notepad for example ), right click and paste

Step 4:

Change the loop speed option

Look in the code for the attribute loop-speed ( if your element is Slideshows or Image Carousels ), or look for speed ( if your element is Tickers )

select the value that comes between double quotation after the loop-speed/speed word, and change it with the amount you would like in milliseconds

See following examples for more info:

  • if you would like the Slideshows / Image Carousel to rotate every 1 minute, then you need to put ( 1 minute * 60 seconds * 1000 milliseconds = 60000 )
  • If you would like it to rotate every 1 hour, then you need to put ( 1 hour * 60 minutes * 60 seconds * 1000 milliseconds = 3600000 )

In this example, we are going to change it to rotate every 30 seconds ( 30 seconds * 1000 milliseconds = 30000 )

Step 5:

Paste the new code back into your page, and save the page, you're done!

Important: This is a workaround solution, after modifying the loop-speed/speed of your Slideshows, Image Carousels or Tickers and saving the page, any further update to the Slideshows Image Carousel or Tickers will cause the loop speed option to get lost, and you will have to do the above steps all over again, because ShortPoint dropdown menu will not recognize the numeric value inside your loop speed option, however if you edit any other element on the page, that should not affect your Slideshows / Image Carousel / Tickers element.

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