With ShortPoint, you can easily copy and paste design elements, sections, or even entire pages containing multiple elements. This is especially useful when you need support from our side: you can just send us the elements you have questions about, and we will easily reproduce them in our environment and help you solve the issue quickly and easily. 

Copy Element, Row or Section

Open the page you are building in the Edit mode. Choose an element, a row, or a section that you would like to copy. Search for an ellipsis (as shown below) and click it.

You will see a drop-down menu opened. Select Copy.

That's it! Now, you can easily paste it into your page, as well as simply include it into a ticket you are sending us. 

Note: Please paste the copied element into an empty location, outside any section or design element.

Outside the ShortPoint page editor it will look simply as lines of code:

However, after it is pasted into the page editor again, it will be displayed properly.

Copy the Whole Page

To copy the whole page, you need to add the following into the end of your page address: 



and hit Enter. Your address bar should look like this:

After the page is refreshed, you will see a toolbar on the top:

Please click Copy, and the whole page will be copied to your clipboard. Now, you can paste it wherever you need. 

Thank you for your attention!

Please contact us in case you have any questions or suggestions.