In this article, we will show how to make the field ready for sorting by in SharePoint Search.

Step 1: Navigate to search center of you admin center

This step is different depending on whether your SharePoint environment is Online or On-premise. We will show you both the steps one be one.

Step 1.1: Office 365 search center navigation

  1. Navigate to your SharePoint Online admin center and click on search as shown here:


2. Next click on “manage search schema”

Step 1.2: SharePoint On-premise search center navigation

  1. Navigate to your central administration > Application Management

  2. Click on “Manage service applications”

  3. Click on your the “Search Service Application”

Click “Search Schema”

Step 2: Navigate to “Managed Properties”


Step 3: Search for target “Managed Properties”


Step 4: Click “Edit/Map Property”

For example, you want to sort by Managed Property called RefinableDate01


Step 5: Ensure following is enabled

Make sure the Sortable is set to Yes - active.

Step 6: Press OK