ShortPoint Live Intranet Demos Library
Copy & Paste Magic Feature

Visit, copy anything and paste in your site.
Just make sure you have ShortPoint installed in your site.

Power BI ShortPoint Integration

STEP 1: Visit ShortPoint Demos Website


The site contains many examples we created using ShortPoint. Spend some time navigating through pages. If you like any sample, you can copy and paste directly into your page.

Navigate to any page you want.

STEP 2: Copy Page

or you can copy parts of the page 

STEP 3: Paste in SharePoint Page

In Classic Page

In Modern SharePoint Page

STEP 5: Edit Whatever You Want 

After you paste the design, it will appear in ShortPoint Wireframe layout, You can edit anything.

STEP 6: Save

Once you are done, save your page. That's it :)

Watch Step By Step Video Tutorial

Click here For more information about ShortPoint Copy and Paste Magic Feature

Important Notes Before You Paste from ShortPoint Demos Website

Note 1: Paste In Empty Location

Always paste in an empty area and not inside any other ShortPoint content

For classic page:

For modern page: