The solution in this article is no longer valid. The article has been deprecated

Set the Days limit option in the Events design element instead:

If you want to show only events for the next N days in Events or DatesList shortpoint you can do this with creating a new view.

Step 1: Create a new view

Go the Events page and on the Ribbon tab "Calendar" click "Create View" button.


Choose "All Events" from the "Start from an existing view" section


Step 2: Customize view

First, specify some view name (e.g. next-5-days):


Then scroll to the filtersection and enable them:


Add filter criteria:

  • Use "Start Time" field and add criteria is greater than or equal to using special value: "[Today]"
  • Use "And" condition to add one more condition
  •  Use "Start Time" field and add criteria is less than or equal to using value: "[Today] + 5"

Check the picture below:


Save view by clicking "OK" at the end of the Create View page.

Step 3: Connect ShortPoint to newly created view

Use View dropdown on the Connect Tab in Inserter:



That's it, now your ShortPoint will show events only for the next 5 days.