In a couple of minutes, you will start designing amazing pages on your SAP HANA Cloud Portal. Let's Get Started!

To start designing pages on your SAP HANA Cloud Portal, follow these articles:

Installing / Updating ShortPoint Widget 

  1. Step 1: Clone ShortPoint Widget into your SAP Web IDE
  2. Step 2: Deploy ShortPoint Widget for the First Time
  3. Step 3: Add ShortPoint Widget to a blank site
  4. Update ShortPoint Widget

How to use ShortPoint Widget 

  1. First thing to do after adding ShortPoint Widget
  2. Designing Content using ShortPoint Built-In Sample Pages
  3. Show Data from SharePoint on SAP HANA Cloud Portal using ShortPoint
  4. Visit ShortPoint Demos Website. 

Questions & Reporting Issues

If you have questions or found some issues with our Widget, please send us email at or from here

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