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ShortPoint Connect Feature

This reference is old and outdated. This article is deprecated. Please refer to the following links for updated content:

ShortPoint Connect Feature enable you to connect any of ShortPoint elements with any SharePoint lists.

The ShortPoint Connect Panel is disabled by default. Just click on the panel to open it, select the SharePoint list and view. Then press connect.

The following List Columns will be shown in Connect dropdown menus whenever possible, column display name in bold ( #column_internal_name ) :

  • Display Item URL ( #_SHORTPOINT_DisplayItemURL ): - added for any list type, contains URL to the view item form. (like View Properties for image, view event in calendar etc.)
  • URL Path ( #FileRef ): for any Document Library. Contains the URL of the document, in case of Asset Library & Picture Library it will hold the URL of the full size of the image ( useful to display high definition images in ShortPoints that need images without having SharePoint to resize them, e.g: in slideshows, image carousels & image titles ).
  • Thumbnail URL ( #EncodedAbsThumbnailUrl ): for Asset Libraries & Picture Libraries, this will contain a url of a thumbnail version of the image, useful to be displayed on a small size ShortPoints to optimize page load time ( e.g: useful ins samll size tiles )
  • Web Image URL ( #EncodedAbsWebImgUrl ): for Asset Libraries & Picture Libraries, this will contain a url of an optimized version of the actual image in case the image has a large dimension, useful for medium size ShortPoints ( e.g: Image Carousels & Tiles )
  • Title ( #Title ): for Asset Libraries & Picture Libraries, will contain the Title of the Image ( not the file name ).
  • Description ( #Description ): in Picture Libraries, will contain the Description of the Photo.
  • Name ( #BaseName ): or any Document Library. Document name without extension

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