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Any idea how to use an Image as the "title" for an Accordion?

Looking to have an image (tile or not) be the main title of an Accordion. so when the image is clicked, the accordion list appears below it (each list item will be hyperlinked).

any ideas?!

Hello Matt,

Unfortunately, it is not possible to set the title of Accordions design element as an image. I can suggest you to use a separate element with the image and link it with Accordions design element on your page, once the users clicks it will navigate to the Accordions design element on your page.

Please check this article: How to Link the Element with Another Section of the Page

Speaking about making the items of the Accordion design element to be hyperlinked.
You can just add the anchor tag to the Title of the Accordions item:

<a href="">Name</a>

Please let us know if it helps.

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thank you @Kyrylo - is it possible to "link" in such a way that the clicking of the image tile action would trigger the accordion to open?  similar to adding code for the accordion to open by default when the page loads?

Hello Matt,

Unfortunately, this is not possible to achieve.

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