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Provisioning Site Collections With ShortPoint Enabled

We are provisioning  site collection templates using PnP Powershell and with one template we would like to enable and install ShortPoint.

It is probably possible enable the ShortPoint feature but how would we go about installing SPFX programmatically? Is it possible to automate ShortPoint during provisioning?

Hello Michael, 

Unfortunately its not 100% possible to enable ShortPoint installation using PnP Provisioning. We register few script blocks and create few schema as part of ShortPoint installation from ShortPoint Dashboard which cant be automated using any script. 

However, you should be able to add ShortPoint App to site content using following command:

I found the GUID from the App Catalog and was able to install via Powershell. Thanks for the tip this saves a step then I can navigate directly to the installation page and click Install

Hey Michael, 

Thank you for updates. May I please request you to share here the summary or commands you have used for others?


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