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How Do I Create a Document Library View Like This?

I would like to create a list of documents from a document library that look like this on a page. Is this possible with ShortPoint?


Hi Stephanie, 

From what I see above in your screenshot, this is a grouped view. No, unfortunately, ShortPoint elements do not support connecting to grouped views.

As an alternative, the only thing I can recommend here is to make each library group a separate view. In this case, you will be able to connect the view to an element such as Toggles, Accordions, or Tabs.

Here is an example of what you can achieve with Accordions and different types of Lists:

Kind Regards,


Thank you for the response, Oksana. I did create different views and then connected each to an Accordion item. :) That worked perfectly - just a little extra work to create the views instead of using the Group ability in the List. 



Great to know, Stephanie! 

So glad it worked:)

Kind Regards,


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