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Known Issue: Unable to Install ShortPoint Due to Duplicate Content Types


Upon deploying ShortPoint SPFx to a SharePoint site you encounter an installation error stating that “a duplicate content type name … was found”.

This is what the error message looks like:

installation error


SharePoint detects any duplicate content types that are present and will cause this error upon installation. Duplicate content types may be created when upgrading from SharePoint 2013/2016 to SharePoint 2019.

Here is an interactive tutorial on where to go to check for duplicate content types:

How to Check Duplicate Content Types

Follow these steps to confirm if duplicate content types are present in your site:

Step 1: Open Site Settings

  • Go to SharePoint Settings by clicking the cogwheel icon
  • Open Site Contents
  • Select Site Settings from the command bar

Step 2: View Site content types in classic

  • Under the Web Design Galleries section, select Site content types
  • Hit the Return to classic link

Step 3: Search for duplicate content types

  • Look for content type names that are used twice i.e. System Page, System Page Layout


You can rename the duplicate content type. After renaming, completely uninstall the ShortPoint App from the site and then reinstall. The ShortPoint installation should now run seamlessly and you can start designing your intranet.

Check out this short interactive tutorial to learn how to rename content types:

How to Rename Duplicate Content Types

After identifying the duplicate content types, you can do these steps to rename one of them to resolve the installation error:

Step 1: Go to individual content type settings

  • On the Site content types page, click the duplicate name you want to update. This will open the settings for that specific content type.

Step 2: Edit content type name

  • Under Settings, select name, description, and group option
  • Enter a new name in the Name field

Step 3: Save changes

  • Scroll down and hit the OK button to save the changes.

How to Uninstall ShortPoint from the Site

Here are two support articles that provide detailed information on how to completely uninstall the ShortPoint App from your site:

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