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Introduction to ShortPoint Tiles Design Element

This article will discuss the Tiles Design Element including its basic functions and ways to design it.



What is the Tiles Design Element?

The Tiles Design Element allows ShortPoint Designers to organize a series of links, images, or content into individual blocks that bring together functionality and style to your page.

Tiles template

When is the Tiles Design Element Used?

Here are some of the instances you can use the Button Design Element for your SharePoint pages:

  • You can use it to organize your content, allowing users to easily find the content they are looking for.

For example, we used tiles to create a shortcut for commonly used documents. 

Tiles template

  • You can use it as a navigation menu, giving easy access to other pages in your Site Collection.

In the example below, we used tiles to create a navigation menu that links to other pages in our Site Collection.

Tiles template

  • You can use it to elevate the design of your SharePoint page. The Tiles  Design Element has a variety of styles that you can choose from, allowing you to cater to different design needs.

In the sample below, we used Tiles to create a unique and colorful section on our page, adding to the visual appeal of the page.

Tiles template

How to Design the Tiles Design Element?

There are many ways to design the Tiles Design Element. We have listed below a couple of ways to create a unique Tile:

  • Add icons to your Tiles

Tiles with icons

  • Add an image

Tiles with image

  • Customize the size 

Tile sizes

  • Customize Tile colors

Tile colors

  • Add Special Effects

Tile with special effects

NOTE: For more ways to design your Tiles Design Element, check out our Demos Library. From there, you can copy any template and paste it into your page.

Now you know the basics about the Tiles Design Element! Check out How to Customize the Tile Design Element in Live Mode and Grid Mode to learn more about Button features. 

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