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How to Connect to SharePoint List or Library Gallery View

The Gallery View is one of the newly released view options that can be applied to the contents of your SharePoint Lists and Libraries. It was released around March 2022 and has functionality that is fun and meaningful to use in your intranets. ShortPoint Connect allows you to link this view to any Design Element and show it dynamically on your intranet page. 

We will show you the steps on how to establish this connection in this article.



  • You have a List or Library in Modern SharePoint with a Gallery View
  • You have ShortPoint SPFx installed on your Site Collection and you are a ShortPoint user with an active license

First, let us show you how to create a Gallery View in Modern SharePoint. Navigate to the view settings of your SharePoint List or Library, press the wedge icon to open the dropdown window, and select Create new view.

create new view

The Create view window will appear. Enter your preferred view name, select the Gallery button, and hit Create.

choose gallery view

You will see all your list or library items in the standard Gallery View in SharePoint. You can now link this view to any of the ShortPoint Design Elements and display it on your main SharePoint page.

Gallery view in SharePoint

By following these steps, you will be able to display the contents specific to how you configured your SharePoint list or library Gallery View directly on your intranet page. It is also dynamically connected which means that updates to the list or library will be picked up by ShortPoint and displayed near real-time on your page.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Insert Design Element

Enter ShortPoint Edit mode, press Add Design Element to open Page Builder, and select the Design Element you want to use to display your content. In this example, we are choosing Slideshow.

Add Slideshow

Step 2: Select Connection Type

From the Design Element settings window, navigate to the Connect tab. Select the Connection Type according to where your SharePoint List or Library is located. In our example, we will be selecting the Current Site connection as the SharePoint Library we are going to link to is found within the Site Collection.

To know more about the different ShortPoint Connection Types and get details about which type to use for your purpose, please visit our Knowledge Base.

select connection type

Step 3: Establish Connection

Complete the required Connect fields and hit Connect. This will establish the connection to the Gallery View of the SharePoint List or Library that you created.

In our example, we are able to populate the correct List/Library from the options picked up by ShortPoint within the Site Collection. We also selected the Gallery View name from the View options presented.

complete connect fields

Once you get confirmation that the connection is established, you can now proceed to the next step.

connection established

Step 4: Map Items to Display

Next, select the properties of the list items that you want to display on your Slideshow. In each field, you can click the dropdown icon and select what items you have in your list or library that you want to use.

Here, we choose to show the Event column as the Title and used the URL Path for the Image field.

Find out more details about mapping items by accessing our article on ShortPoint Connect: Basic Tutorial.

map items to display

Step 5: Insert and Save

Once items are mapped, you can make more adjustments to the Design, Visibility, and other settings of the Design Element to fit your needs. You can also Preview what the contents pulled from your list or library will look like. When you are happy with the result, press Insert and Save your changes.

click insert

Now you have a Slideshow Design Element on your page that is connected to the Gallery View of your SharePoint List or Library.


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