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Fix Date Related Issues in Events Design Element

In this article, we discuss when the Fix Date Related Issues toggle in the Events Design Element is applicable and how to use it.

Before we begin

  • The Fix Date Related Issues feature is available with ShortPoint SPFx version 8.0.xx.xx or later
  • You must be a ShortPoint user and have an active license to apply this solution

What are date-related issues?

When ShortPoint encounters date and time formats that it cannot read or convert into a readable format, then it will show invalid dates or no dates at all. This happens more often when connecting to data sources that use custom or non-standard date formats.

sample of invalid date issue

Using Fix Date Related Issues Feature

You can resolve the date-related issues appearing on your Events Design Element by following these steps:

Step 1. Edit Events Design Element

Enter edit mode and open the Events Design Element settings by clicking the cogwheel.

edit Events design element

Step 2. Enable Fix Date Related Issues toggle

In the Design Tab, scroll down to the Fix Date Related Issues toggle and enable it. Once enabled, you will find the Apply Automatic Fix for Date Issues toggle is also enabled by default. This means that ShortPoint will attempt to fix the issues on the back end.

Preview the result with these settings to determine if the date issue was successfully resolved.

fix date related issues toggle

If the date issues still appear, then you can proceed to manually enter the date format that your site uses. Disable the Apply Automatic Fix for Date Issues toggle and the Specify Date-Time Format String field will appear where you can input the format that your site adheres to using the recommended date and time tokens.

For more information about date-time formats, you can access our article on How to Use Custom Date and Time Formats with ShortPoint Design Elements.

apply manual date edit

Note: You can check Site Settings>Regional Settings to identify what locale your site uses and apply the correct date format accordingly

check locale regional settings

Press Preview to ensure that the appropriate date and time formats appear on your page.

Step 3. Update and Save

Once done, you can press Update and proceed to Save your changes or Publish the page. The date and time that appears on your Events Design Element should now be fixed and are readable by your users.

sample of fixed date issues

If you continue to encounter “Invalid Date” issues or no dates appearing after doing the steps above, please feel free to submit a support ticket at Our Customer Support Experts will be happy to assist you.

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