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Restoring Page Version After Migration to New ShortPoint Page Builder With Live Mode

Dealing with something new and applying changes to your carefully designed intranet page that comes with migrating to the new ShortPoint Page Builder with Live Mode may be alarming for you. In this article, we will provide you with the options you can take if you do want to revert back to the way your page was originally before migration. With these options, you can go through migration securely and have full control over the choice to proceed with the update or restore previous versions of the page.

Migration to the updated ShortPoint Page Builder on any page is generally considered to be a current change made within an editing session. This means that if the page is in edit mode, you can easily discard any changes made, including the migration. If the page was published or saved as draft, the edits made, including migration, will be listed as a change made within a page version. This means that when you restore the previously published version, the migration will be discarded. Find out how to discard changes or restore page versions below.



  • You upgraded to the ShortPoint SPFx version 8.0.x.xx or later on Office 365 (SharePoint Online) or SharePoint 2019 environment;
  • You are a ShortPoint user with an active license;
  • You have existing SharePoint pages with ShortPoint web parts and design elements.

Restoring Page Version for Modern Pages

Here are the instructions on how to discard changes or restore page versions for Modern SharePoint pages:

Discard Changes Made in Current Edit Session

You can easily go back to your intranet page’s state before migration by using the Discard Changes options. This can be applied when you have not published a migrated page and you are still in a current editing session.

Option 1: Use the Discard button in the Page Settings bar

Go to the Floating Page Settings bar and press the Discard button. You will get a notification asking you to confirm that you wish to discard changes from the current session. Once you choose “Yes”, your page will revert back to the last published version or saved draft.

discard button page settings bar

Option 2: Use the SharePoint Discard Changes button

You can also go to the SharePoint suite bar and select the Discard Changes button. You will get a notification asking if you wish to go back to the version that was last modified. Press “OK” and your page will be restored to the last published or saved version.

discard changes button

Restore Previously Published Page with SharePoint Version History

If you already published or saved your edits after completing the migration, you can use the SharePoint version history feature. Find out about the steps on how to use this feature by accessing our support article ShortPoint Now Supports Version History in SharePoint Modern Pages.

Restoring Page Version for Classic Pages

If you have Classic SharePoint pages, you can use the following options to discard changes or restore a previous page version to a state prior to migration.

Discard Current Changes by Leaving the Page

You can easily discard changes made in a current editing session, including migration to the new ShortPoint Page Builder Grid Mode, by choosing to leave the page. Select an option on your page that will bring you to another page on your site.

In our example, we selected the SharePoint gear icon to open the settings window and clicked Site Contents. You will be asked to confirm that you want to leave the page and that by doing so you will lose any changes made within the session. Click “Leave” and you will be brought to the page you selected. When you go back to your Classic page, it will revert back to the last published or saved draft version.

leave page classic

Restore Previous Version with SharePoint Page History

In Classic Pages, you will find the Page History option on the Page tab. This allows you to view the different changes made to the page, view page versions since it was created, and restore the page to one of its versions. Check out our short article on How to Restore the Previous Version of a Classic Page to know more.

We have made migration smooth and risk-free for you by giving you these options. Take the steps to migrate your page and feel secure while doing so.

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