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Known Issue: Counter Boxes Animation Is Not Working for Numbers with a Comma Thousands Separator

If you have a ShortPoint Counter Boxes Design Element connected to a SharePoint list, and noticed that the animation of some items stopped working, please go through this article. 

We will discuss one of the possible reason for this issue - a comma thousands separator for the numbers. 


Before we begin

  • This article is for you if you currently have  Counter Boxes added on your SharePoint site with animation not working.
  • Your Counter Boxes are connected to a SharePoint list and representing a number greater than 999 as your Counter Number.
  • Make sure you are a ShortPoint user who has Edit access to your SharePoint site.


After establishing the connection of ShortPoint Counter Boxes to your SharePoint list, you suddenly noticed that the animation is not working for the Counter Numbers that have a thousand separator:

Sample issue


SharePoint automatically adds a comma separator to any number that has a thousand value. 

Currently, ShortPoint Counter Boxes Design Element animation will not work with comma-separated numbers and our team is currently finding a permanent solution for this issue. 


Step 1: Locate your SharePoint list

This issue can be fixed by removing the comma from the number column of the SharePoint list where your Counter Boxes Design Element is connected to. In this example, we will be using this SharePoint list:

SharePoint List

Step 2: Edit the column settings

To open the column settings, you must select the number column (1), and hover your mouse to Column settings (2). There you will find the Edit (3) option. Please click it:

Edit Column Settings

Clicking the Edit button will show the side panel on the right that would give you additional options: 

Column additional settings

Step 3: Disable the thousands separator

To remove the comma from the number column, click More Options

Click More Options

Then, disable the toggle for Use thousands separator:

click to disable toggle

Once the thousand separator says No, it means it is already disabled. Click the Save button: 

save the changes

Once changes are saved, you will see the commas automatically being removed from your number column: 

commas are now removed


You may now go back to your SharePoint site where your Counter Boxes Design Element is located, and do a hard refresh (usually can be done using Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+R or Ctrl/Cmd+F5 keyboard shortcuts) on the browser to see the result.

Now, here's the final outcome of the page after applying the workaround above: 

sample result

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