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Update Step 3: Reinstall ShortPoint SPFx on a SharePoint Site (New Upgrade)

If you are viewing this article, then it means that you have successfully followed and completed the Update Step 2 of this New Upgrade tutorial series. Please make sure to go through each step to  successfully reinstall the ShortPoint app.

NOTE: To know more about the ShortPoint New Upgrade, please visit ShortPoint SPFx New Upgrade for Office 365 and SharePoint 2019.


Before we begin

  • Make sure you are on SharePoint Office 365 or SharePoint 2019 On-Premise environment.
  • Make sure you already have ShortPoint SPFx app installed on your SharePoint site/s.
  • It is important that you already completed updating the ShortPoint SPFx by following the Update Step 2: Update ShortPoint SPFx on a SharePoint Site (New Upgrade) as a prerequisite for this article.

Step 1: Check ShortPoint Dashboard status

If you are completing the series of this tutorial, the last step of the Update Step 2: Update ShortPoint SPFx on a SharePoint Site (New Upgrade) should show a greyed out ShortPoint SPFx in update mode. After waiting for a couple of seconds and after refreshing the page, this is how the app should look like:

On modern SharePoint experience: 

ShortPoint dashboard on modern experience

On classic SharePoint experience: 

ShortPoint dasboard on classic experience

Once you see that the app is not greyed out, it means that it is ready to get the update. Please proceed with clicking the ShortPoint Dashboard.

Step 2: Run Reinstallation from ShortPoint Dashboard

Once clicked, you should be able to see a message that indicates the availability of the new ShortPoint version for your site. Click the Reinstallation tile to proceed with getting the latest version:

Click reinstallation

Proceed with the reinstallation by clicking the Upgrade button:

Click the Upgrade button 

IMPORTANT: Do NOT close your browser while the update is in progress:  

Update in progress status

Step 3: Reinstallation and update confirmation

A green indicator will appear once the update has been completed successfully. Here is how it should look like:

Successfully complete upgrade

NOTE:  This will be the last time that you are going to do these steps to switch all your site collections to the New Upgrade. Downloading the packages and upgrading won't be necessary in the future. ShortPoint version will be updated automatically or with one click for your entire tenant (all site collections that have 7.1.5.xx version reinstalled).    

Next Step: Upgrade ShortPoint SPFx on all Site Collections

You are now on the last phase of this tutorial series. To proceed with completing the steps, please go to:

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