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Known Issue: ShortPoint Web Parts Stopped Working on Modern SharePoint (Office 365)


ShortPoint Web Part displays the following error message:

Something went wrong If the problem persists, contact the site administrator and give them the information in Technical Details. TECHNICAL DETAILS [SPLoaderError.loadComponentError]: Failed to load component "f2f8e00f-ef2a-4909-b24a-818262f88a19" (ShortPointWebPart). Original error: Failed to load URL '' for resource 'short-point-web-part' in component 'f2f8e00f-ef2a-4909-b24a-818262f88a19' (ShortPointWebPart). There was a network problem. This may be a problem with a HTTPS certificate. Make sure you have the right certificate. INNERERROR: Failed to load URL '' for resource 'short-point-web-part' in component 'f2f8e00f-ef2a-4909-b24a-818262f88a19' (ShortPointWebPart). There was a network problem. This may be a problem with a HTTPS certificate. Make sure you have the right certificate. CALLSTACK: Error at t [as constructor] ( at new t ( at Function.e.buildErrorWithVerboseLog ( at Function.e.buildLoadComponentError ( at


ShortPoint app is a set of CSS & JavaScript files that are served to all our Office 365 customers through our CDN (content delivery network) and executed in their browser whenever they open a site that has ShortPoint installed.

ShortPoint asks the browser to cache these files for 7 days to reduce the network time and to provide our customers with better performance and user experience. By default, the browser will not check for CORS policy (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) on these files and does not ask the remote server (the CDN) for cross-origin policy headers, and in return, our CDN will send the files without any CORS headers. 

Recently, Microsoft did an update to some selected tenants that forces the browser to check for CORS policies. While our CDN can return the correct CORS headers, our files are still cached on the customer's browsers without these headers, for the users who have opened ShortPoint before. 

Microsoft & the SharePoint team already indicated that they have fixed the issue, more information about this incident can be found here: Webparts with assets deployed on Azure CDN #7103.

For more information about Cross-Origin Resource Sharing, please refer to this article: Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).


Our team has built an app that can be deployed across your tenant, and will force the browser to clear the cache for all ShortPoint files.

If you don't wish to install any app, you can ask your users to clear their browser cache, and they should not experience the issue anymore.

You only need to have this app installed on your tenant for one week, after that you can remove it and ShortPoint Web Parts will not be affected at all.

To install the app, please do the following:

Step 1. Sign-in into with your Global admin account

Choose Admin:

In the side App Launcher menu, scroll down and click All Admin Centers:

From the expanded options, choose SharePoint:

Step 2. Open the SharePoint App Catalog

Select More features from the side menu options:

Under the Apps section, click Open:

Open the App Catalog:

Then, choose Apps for SharePoint from the side menu:

Step 3. Download ShortPoint Cache Cleaner app

  1. Download ShortPoint Cache Cleaner App.
  2. Extract the file
  3. You will find after extracting the following file: short-point-cache-cleaner.sppkg.
  4. Upload short-point-cache-cleaner.sppkg as described in the following step.

Step 4. Upload ShortPoint Cache Cleaner App to App Catalog

Click New:

In the pop-up, click Choose Files:

From your PC, choose the short-point-cache-cleaner.sppkg file from the downloaded ShortPointCacheCleaner folder. Press Open:

Then, press OK:

I cannot add the new package to the App Catalog!
If the step is not completed successfully, and you have encountered a problem adding the package to the App Catalog, please check this solution article: I Can Not Upload ShortPoint App to SharePoint App Catalog.

After the upload is completed successfully, you will be prompted to deploy the solution. 

Make sure that Make this solution available to all sites in the organization is checked. Press Deploy.

After this step is completed, you will see a message on the top highlighted with green, indicated that the upload is completed successfully.

Important: You should see that ShortPoint Cache Cleaner is Deployed and Tenant Deployed:

You might get the following error that the App was not deployed:

In that case, all you have to do is to select the app (1) and click Deploy from the Files tab in the Ribbon (2):

To get more information about the deployment error, check our solution article: Known Issue: ShortPoint SPFx App Deployment Error - Deployment Failed. Correlation ID.

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