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What permissions are required to be able to view news posts and links that are dynamically inserted using any of the ShortPoint News connection types?

Using the ShortPoint News connection types (Site News, Hub News, Org News) allows you to pull news posts and links from any site collection, hub, or all news from your tenancy and display them near real-time on your SharePoint page. This functionality works under the assumption that your page users have at least Read access to view news posts and links from their source sites as configured in your SharePoint permissions settings.

If your ShortPoint Design Element is connected to a news source site that your user does not have Read permission to, these news contents will not be visible to the user. 

As an example, when you are using Org News connection to display news content from across the organization, news that are published from sites or subsites that they do not have permission to view will automatically be filtered out and will not be visible. However, they will still be able to see news from sites they have permission to view.

This also means that if your user does not have permission to view any of the source sites or subsites that you connected to, they may see an empty ShortPoint Design Element on your page.

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