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How to Update the Text Content on the SharePoint Page After ShortPoint License Expires (ShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode)

In this article, we will show you how to edit the text content inside the ShortPoint web parts after your ShortPoint license expires.

NoteShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode was formerly known as Visual Builder.

Note: Please note that after the license expiration, you will be only able to update the text content inside the Text Design Elements. Updating other settings, such as changing items titles, descriptions, adding new Design Elements etc. will no longer be possible.


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Step 1. Enter Live Mode

Edit the page. Click Switch to Live Mode button from the floating page settings bar:

Switch to Visual Builder button

Note: Updating Text Design Element in ShortPoint Page Builder Grid Mode is not yet possible. The Update button will be disabled, and you will see a note message at the top:

License Required message in the Design Element's Settings tab

Step 2. Activate the inline text editor

Locate the Text Design Element, content in which you would like to update:

Text Design Element highlighted

Double-click inside the Text Design Element. This will activate the inline text editor:

Inline text editor activated

Step 3. Update the text content

Change the text, its font size, color etc. according to your needs:

Updating the text content animation

Save the changes once you are done and publish your page.

That's it. Happy updating!

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