After setting 0 as a Number of decimal places for the calculated column in your SharePoint list, you can still see the decimals displayed in the ShortPoint Design Element connected to that list:

Calculated column settings
ShortPoint Design Element connected to the list

However, if you check the SharePoint list, it is showing no decimals:


ShortPoint Connections always display data in the way SharePoint returns it in the JSON, without any modifications. For the calculated columns the data is always returned with decimals. 

By setting Number of decimal places for the calculated column you can add the internal conversion and define the number of decimal places to be displayed in the SharePoint. However, it does not influence the originally fetched data used in the ShortPoint Connections.


As a workaround you can modify the formula used for the calculated column. Please follow the steps below.

Click the cog wheel icon in the top right corner of the page to open the Settings. Choose the List settings from the options: 

Locate your calculated column under the Columns section and click it to open its settings:

Here is the formula you can use to hide the decimals:


Note: You can define the number of decimals to display. For example, to show 2 decimal places, you need to add .00 after the hashtag symbol, like this: =TEXT([Column1]+[Column2]+[Column3],"#.00")

Substitute the column names in the formula with the column names in the list. For example, in our case it will look like this: 

=TEXT([Full timers]+[Part timers]+Freelancers,"#")

Copy and paste the modified formula to the respective field under the Additional Column Settings:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click OK to save your changes:


Now, no decimals will be displayed in your ShortPoint Design Elements connected to SharePoint list with the calculated column:

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