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Known Issue: Delve Photos Are Not Displayed When Connected to People in SharePoint Group or People Search

If you have used Connection Type: People in SharePoint Group or Connection Type: People Search, mapped the user photo with Delve_Photo option, but cannot see any photos, please follow this article to learn how to bring the photos back.





  • Users should have the photos in Delve.
  • Users should have WorkEmail property set for them.

Step 1: Edit the ShortPoint Design Element

Click the cog wheel icon to open the settings of the ShortPoint Design Element you have used to connect to People in SharePoint Group or People Search.

Step 2: Update the image option

2.1. Prepare the URL for images 

Copy the link below:

https://<site url>/_vti_bin/DelveApi.ashx/people/profileimage?size=L&userId=#WorkEmail

Replace <site url> path with your SharePoint site URL. 

For example,

where is our site URL.

2.2. Update the image mapping

Switch to the Items tab:

Remove the Delve_Photo mapping you are currently using for Image option and paste the URL obtained in Step 2.1:

Step 3: Update and save the page

You may click Preview button to check how it will be displayed on your page. 

Click Update and save the page.


That's it. Now the photos are displayed.

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