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How to Display Office 365 Room Calendar View in SharePoint

Office 365 has room and equipment mailboxes that make it easy for users in an organization to reserve conference rooms, training rooms, meeting rooms, company transportation, and media equipment when they are needed through Outlook. Allow users to view the room and equipment calendar, providing real-time information about availability and reservations, on your SharePoint page by using the ShortPoint Events design element.

You can see from the example image below the different available rooms in tabbed format. For each room, users can view the current reservations that are active. We will provide the steps on how to achieve this view in this article.

Sample rooms and equipment calendar



  • To create rooms and equipment mailboxes, you will need to have tenancy Administrator permissions.
  • You have successfully installed ShortPoint on your site(s).
  • You are a ShortPoint user with an active license.

Steps to Create a Room Calendar View in SharePoint

Step 1: Create or Copy Rooms and Equipment emails

You will need the email addresses connected to your rooms and equipment mailboxes. If you do not have one for your resources yet, follow the steps in this Microsoft article to create them. 

If your resources are already set up, go to your Office 365 admin center and copy the email addresses attached to them.

List of resources from Office 365 admin center

Step 2: Insert ShortPoint Events design element

Go to the SharePoint page where you want to display your room and equipment calendar view. Edit the page, add or edit a ShortPoint web part, and insert the Events design element.

For Modern:

Edit the page and insert an events design element

For Classic:

Edit in classic and click insert under ShortPoint

Once the ShortPoint Page Builder window pulls up, select the Events design element.

Choose events design element

Step 3: Connect ShortPoint Events to Room Email

ShortPoint has a Connect feature that allows you to access data from different applications in your Office 365 tenancy. Our goal is to pull specific room and equipment calendars. We can do this by selecting the Shared Events (Outlook) Connection type.

Choose shared events outlook type in connect tab

Enter the email address of each resource in the Shared Account field. Click the tick box to agree to share all events in the account that is provided and press Connect.

Input room resource email and agree to share to visitors

ShortPoint will process the connection and once it is established you can proceed to the next step.

What it looks like when connection is complete

Step 4: Map room calendar details

You will now need to identify the details from each room reservation entry that you wish to display.

In the Items tab, you will see the default information selected for you. Modify them to your preferences by selecting data from the drop-down.

Note: For more information about items mapping, check out our ShortPoint Connect: Basic Tutorial.

Select information you want to display on your calendar

Step 5: Preview and save the design element

By hitting the Preview button, you can see how your connected content will appear in the design element.

Hit Insert once you have arrived at your intended output. You can then Save the changes you made.

select preview and hit insert button

In our example, we did steps 2 to 5 on all tabs and indicated their respective email addresses. This is how it looks:

add all room resources and their calendars to your page

Go ahead and create a go-to page for all information about your room and equipment resources for your users to view.

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