If you do not want users to see the “Return to classic SharePoint” link on the left navigation menu of SharePoint Team sites, you can add a custom CSS in ShortPoint Theme Builder to hide it.



Step 1: Open ShortPoint Theme Builder

Navigate to the ShortPoint Dashboard by clicking the cog wheel on the SharePoint suite bar and hit Site Contents

Select Theme Builder and press the Customize my site button. This will open the Theme Builder panel.

Step 2: Copy and paste the Custom CSS code

In the Theme Builder panel, select Utilities from the menu, then click Custom CSS.

Copy the code below, paste it in the Custom CSS field, and click Apply.

.LeftNav-subLinks a {
display: none;

Step 3: Publish customization

Lastly, press the Publish button to save the change that you made.

Now, the “Return to classic SharePoint link” will no longer be visible on any of your SharePoint pages.

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