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How to Create a Link to Download File(s) in SharePoint

This article will demonstrate how to create a link to download the file instead of a default link - to open it.


Before we begin

  • The solution explained in this article works for Office 365, SharePoint 2019, SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint 2013 environments.
  • You can use the following solution both for static and dynamically connected ShortPoint Design Elements.

In this example, we are using ShortPoint File Lists Design Element dynamically connected to a SharePoint document library. You may use any other Design Element with a link option.  



  • You have ShortPoint Design Element with links.
  • You have files/documents in your SharePoint document library.

Step 1. Edit ShortPoint File Lists Design Element

Edit the page. Click the cog wheel icon to open File Lists' settings.

The Settings tab will open.

Step 2. Prepare the URL string

Copy the following URL:


Substitute spsite part with your site URL. In our case, it will look like this:

Switch to the Items tab. 

Map the Link field with the URL Path option from the drop-down, as shown below:

Note: if you are using static links, instead of mapping you will need to paste it manually.

Paste the modified URL before the mapped option:

Note: For static links you will have a complete URL Path to the file. For example, the complete URL link will look like this: 

Step 5. Update ShortPoint File Lists Design Element

Click Update button.

Then, save the page.


That's it. Now when we click the link, it will download the file.

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