Control who you want the ShortPoint Design Elements to be visible to using the Visibility tab as well as select the devices on which the elements will be displayed.

Please note that you can set visibility for:

  • a design element
  • a column
  • a row
  • a section.


Setting visibility for PEOPLE AND GROUPS

Option 1: This ShortPoint is visible only for

You have the ability to make your ShortPoint Design Element visible only to specific people or groups by selecting them from the drop down:

Option 2: Do not show it for

You can limit visibility to a specific group or people by searching and selecting them in the drop down:

Option 3: Advanced settings

Need more options? Turn on the toggle to Enable advanced settings:

You can turn on the toggle to Enable support for other groups. Use it when you would like to support visibility to AD Group, Office 365 Group or Security Group

Note: Check this solution article for more details on it: How to Set ShortPoint Element Visibility to Active Directory Security Group.

If you want to Use group names turn the toggle on.

This option will be useful if you would like to keep the same visibility settings when migrating from one site to another.

Note: By default ShortPoint will use Group ID on the backend.

Setting visibility for DEVICES

Choose the devices you do not want to display your ShortPoint element. Simply turn on the toggle for respective devices in Do not show ShortPoint on the following devices option:

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