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How to Hide a Dismissed ShortPoint Alert After a Page Refresh

This article will make sure the Alerts that the users have dismissed will no longer disturb them after a page is refreshed. Starting from 6.9.35 version, ShortPoint SPFx will remember if a user has already closed an alert, and not show it during further page visits. 

Let's have a closer look at this feature.



  • You have a ShortPoint Alert Design Element on your page or as a part of your company's footer. Check our ShortPoint Alerts Design Element article to get more familiar with this design element.
  • You have ShortPoint version 6.9.35.x or higher installed. Click here to check and download the latest available version of ShortPoint.


Open the Settings tab of your ShortPoint Alert.

Click the turn-on/turn-off button to enable the Show Dismiss Button. It will add a cross icon button to hide the Alert message.

The additional option Remember Dismissed Alerts will open. Click the turn-on/turn-off button to enable it to. 

You may click the Preview button to check how your alert(s) will look like or continue editing. After you're done, click Update and save your page.

Note: Remember dismissed alerts feature works on a user-by-user case. So, if there are several people in your team or organization, closing the alert will dismiss it from the page only for those users who actually closed it. The rest will still see it until they also close it.


That's it. Now, after you click to hide the alert it won't appear again on the page after you refresh it:

Single alert on the page:


Several alerts on the page:

If you have several alerts and close just some of them, the rest will still be available on your page after refresh:


ShortPoint Alert as a part of generated page template:

Here is an example of using ShortPoint Alert as a part of a generated page template. The alert disappears after a page refresh if we click to close it:


ShortPoint Alert as a part of the footer:

If you have a ShortPoint Alert as a part of the footer, closing it on one of the page, will result in dismissing it from all its site's pages:

BeforeAfter (same page)After (another page)

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