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SharePoint Login Prompt Appears When Connecting To Other Sites


You encounter a SharePoint login prompt asking for your credentials when connecting the ShortPoint design element to a list or library in another site or subsite using Other Sites.

Upon entering username and password, the prompt disappears for a few seconds only to appear again.  Lists or libraries from the other site do not show in the dropdown options and contain current site contents only.


You do not have the appropriate permissions to one or more sites or subsites returned by SharePoint search by Other Sites.


Check site or subsite permissions

You must have, at minimum, a permission level of Read to a site or subsite to be able to connect and display in a ShortPoint element.

Refresh your page and follow these steps to check what specific site or subsite you do not have access to:

Step 1: Open the Developer Tools panel

Once in the Connect Tab and you have chosen Other Sites, right-click on the ShortPoint design element window. Select Inspect to open the Developer Tools panel:

Note: We are using Chrome Developer Tools in our example. Please access your browser's developer tools accordingly.

Navigate to the Network tab and keep this window open as you perform the next steps:

Step 2: Search Developer Tools for Errors

In the ShortPoint Connect tab, enter your selection in the Site Collection and Site fields for the login prompt to reappear. Hit Cancel in the login window. This will load network activities in the Developer Tools panel.

Search for errors that will appear in red font.

Step 3: Identify URL

Click the item in red font to open a new window. In the Headers tab you will find beside Request URL: the URL of the site you do not have permission to access.

Get access to the site or subsite

Connect with the SharePoint site administrator or owner to adjust your permission level to Read or higher.

That is it! You will be able to connect your ShortPoint design element to the site or subsite using Other Sites.

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