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How to Show Only Recent Documents in ShortPoint Element

You can change how files from your SharePoint document library are displayed in a ShortPoint design element.  In this article, you will learn how to display only files sorted according to recency.  This allows your users to readily see new files, keep track of document changes, and easily access files they were editing.


Step 1: Navigate to Document Library

In your SharePoint site, go to the Settings gear in your suite bar. Click Site contents and go to the document library where your files are stored.

Step 2: Create a Custom Document Library View

Change the sort settings of the Modified column by clicking the wedge beside the column header and choosing Newer to older.

Go to Switch view options which by default shows an “All Documents” view and choose Save view as in the drop down. Enter your preferred view name (here we used Recent Documents) and Save.

The view name will change according to what was saved.

Step 3: Add Filter Values in View Settings

To ensure that only documents are displayed in your custom view, go to Edit current view in the switch view options drop-down.  This will open the View Edit page.

In the Filter section, do the following:

  • Select Show items only radio button:,
  • Choose Content Type in the Column to filter field,
  • Keep "is equal to" as the operator, and
  • Type Document as the value. 

Save the changes by hitting OK.

Your document library view will now list only documents sorted with recently modified on top.

Step 4: Insert a ShortPoint Design Element

You can now edit your site page and add a ShortPoint design element of your liking.

Here we are using a Files list design element:

Step 5: Connect to Custom Document Library View

Go to the Connect tab and choose the connection type based on where your document library is located.

Here, our document is located within the current site:

Complete the fields that are required for the connection type.

List / Library

Select the document library where the documents you will display is located.


Select the custom view you created in Step 2.  Here we will be using "Recent Documents".

Items Limit

Enter the number of items you want to display on your page.

Preferred Time Zone

Edit this field if you want to display the date and time according to a specific time zone. Otherwise, leave it blank to show the user's default regional settings.

Note: Fields will vary according to the connection type you are using.  You can visit the support site in the ShortPoint Connect folder for detailed instructions.

Click Connect and wait for the heading to show that ShortPoint is connected.

Step 6: Map Document Properties

Choose document properties you wish to display on your site from the drop-down and map it to the fields in the Items tab.

Note: For more details about mapping in the Items tab, you can follow Step 5 of the article ShortPoint Connect: Basic Tutorial.

Here we are mapping File name to the Title field, Modified to the Subtitle field, and URL Path to the Link field.  We also chose to open the file in a new-window in the Linking options field.

Step 7: Insert and Publish

Hit Preview to review what content will be displayed.  If you are happy with what you see, click Insert (or Update if you are editing an existing ShortPoint element) and Publish the changes on your site.

This a sample site page showing a section displaying documents from the newest modified and down.

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