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Microsoft Teams: No License Users

There are three ShortPoint Designer types for Microsoft Teams:

In this article we will explain who the users with No License are and what rights they have.


Who is a No License User in Microsoft Teams?

The ShortPoint No License User in Microsoft Teams is a user who doesn't have a ShortPoint license assigned to him/her.


No License Users can still view the tabs designed with ShortPoint, but they cannot modify them: add new or update existing design elements, as the Publish button is disabled for them.

How will the user know that he/she does not have a license?

If a user does not have a ShortPoint license, he/she will see a message advising contacting License Manager to get the license when opens the Settings:

When the user opens the ShortPoint Page Builder, he/she will see a warning message, that the user is not configured as ShortPoint Designer:

The Publish button will be disabled:

Can a No License user get a ShortPoint license?

Yes. The No License user needs to contact the License Manager, who can assign a license for him/her.

If there are no licenses left, please contact our Sales team to buy more users by emailing to

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