By default, ShortPoint Tiles Design Element comes with a dark grey text background:

If you want to change the grey text background in Tiles, please check the steps below. 

Here’s the end result that you will achieve.

Step 1: Edit the page

After choosing a default ShortPoint Tiles, click the Edit button.

Step 2: Open settings of the Tiles design element

This tab will appear after opening the settings of the Tiles design element:

Step 3: Switch to the Custom CSS tab

Step 4: Insert the customized CSS code

Please copy the following customized code and update the settings. Feel free to change the background color that suits your requirements.

.shortpoint-tile-content {
background-color: rgba(0,255,0,0.5);


Here’s the end the result that you will get:

That’s it! The grey text background in Tiles will be changed to the color of your choice.

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