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How to Create All Day Events in ShortPoint

There are two ways to show an All Day Event in ShortPoint.  You can use the Connect feature to display events from your SharePoint calendar or you can have a static all day event where you insert new entries directly into a ShortPoint design element.



Part 1: Create dynamic all day events

You can create dynamic all day events by using the Connect feature in ShortPoint. This allows you to pull calendar entries from your site calendar where all day events will be identified.

Step 1: Go to SharePoint Calendar page

Start off with viewing your SharePoint Calendar page where event entries are added to your site:

sharepoint calendar

Step 2: Switch to All Events View

Go to the Calendar tab, click the drop-down options under Current View, and choose All Events.

all events view

A list view of the calendar entries will appear. It is important to note that under the All Day Event column, you will see “Yes” for each entry that is an all day event.  

This is the view that you will connect to the Events element of your page.

events list 

Note: If you do not see this recurring icon column, you will need to click Modify View and put a check beside the Recurrence column as shown below.

modify events view

add all day event view

Step 3: Connect to All Events View

In the Events element, go to the Connect tab. Select where the calendar you created is located and use the appropriate connection type. In our example, it is located in the Current Site.

Complete the fields by doing the following:

In the List / Library field drop-down, select the calendar you will pull events from. Here, we have a calendar named Company Events.

Choose All Events view in the View field drop down or your custom view if you created one.

Designate the number of days, months, or years of period in the Days Limit field and type how many items you want to display in the Items Limit field.

Choose if you want to show only the first instance of a recurring event or all of the events in the Recurring Events field.

Modify the Preferred Time Zone you want the date and time to be shown or leave blank if you want it to show based on the user's regional settings.

Change the language you want to display the indicators of the all day event ("all day") in the Language field.

 Finally, press the green Connect button and wait for the connection to load.

Note: To find out more about the Connect Feature in ShortPoint, please read this article: ShortPoint Connect: Basic Tutorial

Step 4: Map all day events

Items Mapping will now be available in your Items tab. Choose what information to show about your events.

In this example, we are mapping the Title field to show the Title of the event, the Start Date field to show the Start Time, the End Date field to show the End Time, and the Location field to show the Location from the drop-down.

Note: To find out more about the Connect Feature in ShortPoint, please read this article: ShortPoint Connect: Basic Tutorial

map all day events

Step 5: Choose All Day Event

From the drop-down parallel to the All day toggle, choose All Day Event. In most cases, this already selected by default.

You will then see the added item:

Step 6: Insert or Update Events and Publish

You can Preview the result of your dynamic all day event.  

Once all entries are shown according to your preference, you can hit Insert or Update.

sample preview

Here is a sample result with dynamic all day event:

sample output

Part 2: Create static all day events

You can create static all day events by inserting your calendar details into your Events Items tab and switching on the all day option.

Step 1: Go to the Items tab

In the Events element, go to the Items tab and enter event information in the blank fields:

Step 2: Switch on All day option

If the event is an all day event, switch on the All day option:

Step 3: Preview and Update

It is best practice to Preview your entries to review the result.

Here is a sample of a preview window:

Note: When all day option is turned on, the time details from your item entry will not be shown.

Once all entries are filled according to your preference, click Insert or Update.

Now you have a static All day Event element on your page.

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