Office 365's App launcher icon is displayed wherever the Office 365 Suite Bar is present, including SharePoint sites. You might not want this to be the case and in this brief article I will show you a straightforward way to hide the App launcher icon.




To achieve the desired look, we'll have to add a few lines of Custom CSS to ShortPoint Theme Builder.

Step 1

Open ShortPoint Theme Builder (Site Contents > ShortPoint Dashboard > Theme Builder) and navigate to Utilities > Custom CSS:

Step 2

Copy the CSS code below:

button#O365_MainLink_NavMenu, button#O365_MainLink_HamburgerButton {
  display: none;

Step 3

Paste the copied code in the Custom CSS text area:

After you've pasted the code, the App launcher in the site's preview should no longer be displayed. 

If you are happy with the results, click Publish.

That's all. Here is our result:

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