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How to Configure User Profile Service Application in SharePoint 2019

By the end of this article, you will learn how to configure User Profile Service Application through AD Import in SharePoint 2019.


  • Logged in with Farm Administrator account on the computer running the SharePoint Central Administration website.
  • My Site Host already configured. If you did not configured My Site Host previously in your SharePoint Farm, follow this article to find out how to configure it.

STEP 1: Create a User Profile Service Application

Navigate to the Central Administration and click Application Management. Under the Service Applications, click Manage Service Applications.

On the Manage Service Applications page, expand the New ribbon button and click User Profile Service Application.

This will open a new popup window to create  the User Profile Service Application. Name the Application as shown below:

Provide the URL for My Site Host which you should have configured previously to this tutorial.

Click Create without changing other values. Once the service application is created, refresh the page and you should be able to see your new User Profile Application Service in the list of service applications.

Follow step 2 and 3 only if you wish to import your users from your Active Directory into your SharePoint Farm. Also, in order to be able to install ShortPoint into your SP 2019 Site Collection, make sure you follow the next steps from the bottom of this article.

STEP 2: Create a Connection to AD and Import the User Profiles (Optional)

Click User Profile Service Application created just before, which will take you to the Manage Profile Service page. At this step, you may see that the number of user profiles is 0, as seen in the screenshot below:

Click Configure Synchronization Connections under the Synchronization category and Create New Connection.

Provide the Connection Name, a valid Domain Name, your Farm Admin Account and password and click Populate Container which will create a connection to the AD and will pull the groups and users information as below:

Before you click OK to create the connection, you can select the groups/user you want to import.

STEP 3: Perform User Profile Synchronization (optional)

From the SharePoint 2019 central Admin, go to Application Management > Service Applications > Manage Service Applications and click the desired User Profile Service Application. On the User Profile Service Application page, click Start Profile Synchronization, under Synchronizations.

Select the required Synchronization as shown in the below screen.

Once the synchronization is completed you should be able to see the number of imported users.

Click Manage User Profile, under People and type your domain name in the Find Profiles search box. You will be able to see all the user details.

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