After reading this article, you will learn how to set up your Teams Design Element your SharePoint Online (Office 365) page.  


  1. ShortPoint is already installed on your SharePoint Online (Office 365)  site.
  2. Your ShortPoint version is upgraded to 6.7.x.x or greater.
  3. ShortPoint User Account: Make sure you are logged in with your ShortPoint User Account. 
  4. You already have some Teams created in your organization.
  5. You have a Tenant Administrator Account (only for step 2).
  6. Activate any new license available. Go to ShortPoint Dashboard -> Licensing and click Activate if new license is available

STEP 1: Insert Teams Design Element

Place the cursor into the desired space on your page and open the ShortPoint Page Builder. Choose Teams from the list of design elements. You will see the setting of the element opened. 

STEP 2: Re-grant Graph Permissions If Necessary

In case that Teams Design Element does not have permissions to access your Teams data, you will see a warning in the Teams Design Element Settings Tab. In order to fix the problem, you will need to navigate to ShortPoint Integrations Page and Connect Microsoft Graph. In case you already connected Microsoft Graph, just click Reconnect  and Accept the new list of permissions granted for the ShortPoint App.

To navigate to the Integrations Page, click on the Integrations link from the warning that will be displayed on the Teams Design Element Settings Tab.

Note: After upgrading to ShortPoint Version 6.7.x.x or higher, you need to Reconnect Microsoft Graph once, in order to be able to use Teams Design Element.

After Connecting Microsoft Graph, refresh the page and add Teams Design Element again on you page.

STEP 3: Insert the Element on the Page

If you re-connected Microsoft Graph, you will be able to add Teams Design Element on you Page.

That's it!