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How to Consume Dynamic Parameters in PowerApps

After reading this article, you will learn how to use dynamic parameters sent from ShortPoint, into your PowerApps application. 

STEP 1: Login to PowerApps Platform and Edit Your PowerApps Application

Sign-in to PowerApps Portal and make sure you select the Environment where your application resides. 

Edit your application:

STEP 2: Add a New Label With a Dynamic Value On the First Screen Of Your Application

From the left panel, select the first screen of your application and add a Label control on it. On the top right side, go to the Advanced settings of the Label. Set the Text input to Param("myparameter").

STEP 3: Save and Publish the App

STEP 4: Send Dynamic Parameters Form PowerApps Design Element

Open the settings page of your PowerApps Design Element and go to the Advanced tab. Scroll down to the Send Custom Parameters box and add the following code: 

return 'myparameter=' + _spPageContextInfo.userLoginName

Update the element and save the page:

STEP 5: Check the result

That's it

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