Since ShortPoint version, a new Table implementation has been released which contains the Connect tab so tables could be connected using any ShortPoint connection type (just as other elements).


The Connect functionality in the Table element was limited with the older versions.

This article will show you how to upgrade from an old Table to the new Table implementation.

Step 1:

Check the Data Source values in the current table element:

Step 2:

Insert a new Table into your page.

The new ShortPoint Table can be easily added to your SharePoint and SAP pages using ShortPoint Page Builder: 

Note: the old Table cannot be added anymore using page builder because it is deprecated and it has been replaced with the new Table implementation. 

Step 3:

Connect your new table with the same list you were previously connected to.

The Table works only if it is connected to a data source. Select a connection from the Connect tab:

After you have chosen your preferred type of connection, press Connect.

And afterward, press the Insert button: 

The Table will be added to your page:

After inserting the new table to your page you can delete the old table element.

Known issues:

The table cannot fetch columns names automatically so the user will need to specify every column name using Table Titles field to sets table columns titles with space and comma separation.

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