If you have more than one hyperlinks in your list column and you want to display them all in your page, then this article is for you. 

This is what we are going to achieve:

Step 1: Create the multiple lines of text column

Please create a multiple lines of text column in your SharePoint list:

Step 2: Add the text

Please add the text you wish to have. Whenever there needs to be a hyperlink, please indicate it in HTML format like this: 

<a href="https://shortpoint.com"> This will be the text of the hyperlink </a>

Where you can insert your link and the text of the hyperlink. You can add as much links as you need.

Step 3: Connect it to the List element

Please map it with the Description. As a result, the HTML-formatted text in the SharePoint list will be displayed as hyperlinks. 

Save the changes and Republish your page. Now you see the hyperlinked text in your List element.

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