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How to Increase the Logo Size in Modern Pages (Office 365)

It is important to keep your organization’s brand visible at all times on your SharePoint intranet pages. This tutorial lets us look at how to customize site logo sizes in SharePoint Modern pages in ShortPoint.


Note: We also have an article specifically on How to Change to Logo Size in SharePoint Classic Pages. Please access that if you are looking for a solution for Classic pages.


This article is for you if

  • You use Office 365 environment.
  • You use SharePoint Modern Experience.
  • You have ShortPoint SPFx installed on your SharePoint site(s).
  • You should have a custom logo image uploaded to Site Settings > Change the look>Header>Site Logo. This tutorial does not work with the default modern pages logo.

Modify site logo size with ShortPoint Theme Builder

In ShortPoint Theme Builder, you can increase or decrease logo width and height according to your design requirements. 

Step 1: Launch ShortPoint Theme Builder

On the SharePoint suite bar, press the cogwheel icon to open Site Settings. Open Site Contents and select ShortPoint Dashboard. Choose Theme Builder from among the options available, ensure you have Modern experience selected, and hit Customize my site.

Step 2: Navigate to the Logo Options

From the Theme Builder menu, select Header and hit Logo.

Step 3: Adjust Logo Width or Height

Scroll down to find the Logo Width and Logo Height sliders. Increase and decrease width or height to modify the logo size.

Note: The sliders go up as high as 180px. If you need to apply bigger pixel sizes, you can type the number into the field provided.

You can also find options to customize margins and paddings in the same Theme Builder window when you need to adjust spacing around your logo.

Step 4: Hit Publish and Save

When you get your desired dimensions for your logo, hit the Publish button and Save your changes.

That is all! This is an easy solution to control your logo size on all site pages within your site collection.

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