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How to Show All Occurrences of a Recurring Event in ShortPoint Events Element


Step 1: Add Events ShortPoint element

Note: you could use any ShortPoint element with recurrent events.

In the page where you would want to add Events ShortPoint, add ShortPoint and select Events

Step 2: Click on Connect tab

Step 3: Select Current Site Connection type

Note: If your events list is located on another site you could use Other Sites or SharePoint Site URL connection type.

Step 4: Select events list and list view

Step 5: Set Days limit to display events for the next number of days (optional)

You can specify the day limit during which you need to show events. For example, specifying 7 here would ensure that events which starts between today and 7 days from today would be displayed.

Step 6: Click on Connect

Step 7: Click on Items tab

Step 8: Map Columns

In the Items tab, map the columns as per your requirements

Step 9: Click on Insert and save the page

That's it! 

Now you can see the Events ShortPoint Element with the occurrence(s)!

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